Daily Commodity Research

We provide some of the most comprehensive coverage of commodity markets available. Our commentary is relied on by individual traders and institutions alike to help them navigate today’s complex markets.

  • Available daily and weekly

  • We cover Grains, Livestock, Metals, Financial, Energy and Soft markets.

  • Research is fundamentally based, with some technical analysis.

  • $25-$175 / month

  • Customized research for your organization is available. Call 312-786-4450

Commodity Trading Guide and Calendar

The Commodity Trading Guide is the “Go-To” resource for traders all over the world.

  • Concise write-ups of the markets, looking at factors that will influence them over the coming year.

  • Futures and Options Expiration Dates

  • Government & Industry Report Dates

  • Over 350 Charts & Graphs

  • Contract Specifications

  • Customize the cover for you and your clients. Call 312-786-4450!

Recent Things


Public Speaking

Are you a firm looking to engage and excite your base about the markets? Are you a professional association who wishes to provide its members with a long-term view at your annual conference? Dave Hightower can bring his 30 years of market experience, his unique insights and engaging style to your audience. Short or long term, tactical or strategic, general or market-focused, in person or online, we can help you meet your goals.

Hedge Consulting

Do You Ask Yourself…

  • How do I secure my product?

  • What if I have to make margin calls?

  • How can I avoid losing competitive advantage?

  • Can I handle volatility?

  • Can I enhance my bottom line?

Hightower can help!

Utilizing our 30 years of experience, Hightower Hedge Services will work with you to develop a strategy that allows you to participate in the market without opening up the risk window.