Hedging Services

Do You Ask Yourself…

  • How do I secure my product?

  • What if I have to make margin calls?

  • How can I avoid losing competitive advantage?

  • Can I handle volatility?

  • Can I enhance my bottom line?

Hightower Hedge Services can help you.

Utilizing our 30 years of experience, Hightower Hedge Services will work with you to develop a strategy that allows you to participate in the market without opening up the risk window.

Our hedge specialists assess market risks and client objectives to carefully craft a strategy that minimizes rash decisions.

Hightower Hedge Services views commodity market volatility as an opportunity for hedgers to build an added element into their campaigns that will allow them to capitalize on outlier or “Black Swan” events.

By taking advantage of significantly higher or lower prices or exploding volatility, hedgers can be better equipped to thrive when unknown market events affect their operations.

It allows management to be more easily aware of bottom-line risk and reward and helps them make unemotional decisions. This “dynamic hedge” puts no burden on performance.

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Our Hedge Philosophy

Strategy over Opinion

At Hightower Hedge Services we value Strategy over Opinion. Opinion may shape a hedge’s “personality,” but it shouldn’t affect decision to hedge!

Hedge the Hedge

Robust volatility means that buyers and sellers not only need to hedge their price exposure, they also need to “hedge their hedge.” By this we mean putting themselves in a position to benefit from sudden, violent moves in either direction. Strategies using combinations of options and futures offer a way to do this.

Annualized Hedging

Hightower Hedge Services strongly believes in adhering to a 12-month time frame when establishing hedging programs. This allows hedgers to properly judge their success by looking at the bottom line. Emphasis on a yearly timeframe cultivates an opportunistic mindset that offers the hedger a better opportunity to benefit from outlier events.

Independent of Company and Broker

Our performance is measured by the low level of anxiety hedgers experience after they have established their positions.

By adding Hightower Hedge Services to your team, you gain an independent group of industry experts who are clear of any conflicts of interest. The added level of transparency that this provides can be of great value during times of adversity.

Broad Market Surveillance

The analysts at The Hightower Report rigorously monitor more than 30 different markets, covering the financial, foreign exchange, metals, energy, grain, livestock, and food and fiber sectors on a daily basis.

Extensive market coverage brings an added fundamental perspective that enables our clients to quickly tap into emerging opportunities outside of their core businesses.

Research Library

The Hightower Report has an extensive library of key supply and demand statistics for each market it covers. Much of the data has been adapted for ease of use and to provide an added level of insight. There are also at least 30 years of historical price charts which provide an added perspective not usually offered on most packages.